Firewood 3.0 Vaporizer Review – The Best Portable Vape On The Market?

The Firewood 3.0 portable vaporizer is a new breed of affordable, elegant, powerful handmade piece of (dare I say it?) art. If you don’t consider a vaporizer art, then consider this.

At the price point of just under $150 you are entering the realm of the big boy vaporizers, leaving behind the Magic Flight Launch Box’s, Floawermates and the ever so disliked G series vapes. At $150 the Firewood falls in between the price of the beginners and the major leagues. For $80 you can get yourself a nice little Flowermate or for $250 you can get yourself a FireFly. The Firewood price falls nicely in between these two but does not preform like it.

Here is my review of the Firewood 3.0 portable vaporizer.



The Goods



Like I stated earlier the price of the Firewood is around $150. Now that is not cheap but it is an investment that I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a new vaporizer.

The Firewood will out preform the $80 Flowermates that everyone loves to recommend(for good reasons) and some users claim that its vapor quality is on par with the Mighty vaporizer that is more than double the price of the Firewood.

In my eyes there is no other vape in this price range that could compete with the quality and elegance of the Firewood.


Vapor Quality

If you are looking for taste look no further. This is your last stop. Please board the hype train now. The Firewood hands down has some of the best tasting vapor that I have ever had.

The Firewood 3.0 uses a convection heating technique meaning hot air is pulled across your herb so the heating element never touches your herb. This is how you get such a great taste from the Firewood. There are some downsides to convection though. It can be inconsistent, meaning you may get different results depending on your draw technique.

If you have never used a vaporizer for your herbs and have only ever combusted them, well you will be shocked. I know I was. I had no idea a taste like this even existed. It will catch you off guard and punch your mouth with a musky delight.

The amount of vapor that the Firewood produces can vary based on your draw technique(more on that later). If you are drawing slow and long then you will be able to get some huge massive rips that will make you look like a fire was lit inside you from the amount of vapor you breath out. You can extract the entirety of your herb in as little as one massive hit. Check this video out for that awesomeness.




This vaporizer is not a one trick pony. It’s not just a beautiful and delicious vape, it is also a very and I mean very efficient vaporizer.

You can pack the herb capsule as much as you would like and you will feel the effects every. Single. Time. It may be some kind of magic that makes it work so well but I think that it may have something to do with the convection based heating system.

How ever they did it, it works. If you are looking to save and limit your herb use, look no further.



The Firewood 3.0 is a majestic piece of technology and beautiful wood working all combined into one. If you are looking for a rugged vaporizer that you can drop and beat up on I would not recommend this. I have to much respect for it and you should too. This vaporizer is art in my eyes. This vaporizer is a statement about the owner, it says “I am a classy fellow with a love for great hand crafted things.”

This vaporizer is not mass produced somewhere in China. It is made right here in the USA at a guys house. Every Firewood is unique as it is crafted from a solid chunk of real wood. When you get the vaporizer you even get a packet of conditioning wax to keep the wood moisturized and protected.

If you want a classy, well built vaporizer, look no further. This should be your choice.


Battery Life & User Replaceable Batteries

The battery life is pretty decent. I can get about 5-6 sessions out of 1 charge. It’s not the worlds greatest battery life but definitely will get the job done. It is more than enough if you are only a few times a week user. It should last you all day long if you are a daily user. I usually find myself charging it no more than twice a week.

The best part about the battery is that it is user replaceable. Battery life taking a dump? No problem. Go on Amazon, look for Panasonic Eneloop AA’s, order and your done. How many vaporizers let you do that?


Complete Temperature Setting Control

As you may have seen in my other article and video you are able to control the heat of each setting individually to adjust it to your liking. I have never seen another vaporizer offer this feature and level of user customizability.

Here is a link to said article/video about how to use the setting : 


The Bads

To be honest I can not think of any. Nothing that should put you off of buying the vaporizer.


The Learning Curve

There is a learning curve to the device, I will say that. At first you may not be getting any huge clouds and that is probably due to you pulling to fast on the device. You must draw very slow. Slower than you think, since the hot air has to pass through the herb to vaporize it.

This can cause inconsistencies in the vapor. I have been using this thing for a few weeks and still sometimes I find it a little difficult to get huge rips. You just have to slow down and enjoy the vapor.

Once you find the right draw speed you will be getting major clouds.



You might find it hard to find a Firewood for sale. Now this has nothing to do with the vaporizer its self and I think it even adds to the prestige of the vaporizer. Since this is made by a small company, by hand in a guys house, they are only able to produce so many at a time.

You will not be able to find this vaporizer anywhere but the manufactures website. This is a blessing in disguise though. You know you are not getting a fake one and you can talk to the manufacturer directly if you have a problem.


The Verdict

The Firewood has become my number one vape and I think that it is going to be hard to beat it.

I can not recommend this thing enough. The price is amazing for the performance, elegance and quality. I do not think that you will be able to find a portable vaporizer in this price range (or higher!) that is able to compete on all fronts with the Firewood.

The only thing I can really knock it for is its leaning curve that can make vapor inconsistent, but once you get your draw technique down…there is no stopping the Firewood.

Final Score 9/10


Link to buy a Firewood 3.0 :


This review was not sponsored or endorsed by Firewood Vaporizers Inc. All things said are the opinions of my own that I have gathered from use of the product.


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