The Firefly 2 Vaporizer – First Prototype Review Has Surfaced

Yes, apparently it is a real thing. The Firefly 2 vaporizer. I was browsing /r/vaporents and came across a post claiming that he has used The Firefly 2 vaporizer. We were sure that we were going to hear about it in 2016 but I didn’t expect to have a review surface this soon. The reviewer even states that they might start accepting pre-orders as soon as this month!(January 2016)


Now there has been some drama associated with this prototype review on the sub-reddit. A user did some sleuthing and found out that the reviewer was/is a marketing consultant and believes that he was hired by Firefly for this review. The reviewer responded stating taht he was not hired by them and was not paid to give a review. I can not say for sure if he was paid or not so take this review with a grain of salt. I am just super happy that we are starting to get details and pictures of the new device.

New Features & Design

In the review, Reddit user /u/applextrent gives us some super awesome details that really make the new Firefly something to look forward too. Some of these are new features and some are updates to the old system.

These are all taken directly from the Reddit post so these may or may not be factual.

  • Firefly 2 is 55% lighter than Firefly 1

  • Firefly 2 is 33% smaller than Firefly 1

  • Firefly 2 is made of magnesium alloy allowing it to be stronger and stay cooler

  • Battery life is doubled

  • Replaceable battery

  • Comes with 2 batteries

  • Mouthpiece is now removable

  • Smartphone controlled temperature

  • 5 heat settings ranging from 360F to 500F


Pictures of The Firefly 2

The user also included some pictures, all be it very bad and grainy ones.

Firefly 2 Prototype In The Dark
Firefly 2 Prototype In Use

So with these pictures it seems that the thing is truly real. Now we just have to wait a few weeks to see if any more news comes about it.

With the new “features” i’m not sure that it will be worth upgrading too if you already have a good vape. We will just have to see and I can not wait to get my hands on one, but like I said, this review may or may not be fake. Take it with a grain of salt.


Link to Reddit Post :


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